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TOP 12 Upcoming Games of August 2020

August is already knocking on the door and we could look forward to a lot of new awesome games that will be released in the next month.

Below is a video with only BEST games with August 2020 release date. But remember that this list I made by considering many comments and thoughts from gamers about all games with release date next month, and your favorite one may be missing from this list, but I hope that you will find your favorite game in the video below!

If you see also Mafia Definitive Edition in this list, please don't take it sseriously. When I was editing the video I've got information that it will be released in August, but it was postponed recently to September 25, 2020. Also I wanted to notify, that game from this list "New World" is scheduled to release in 2021 (delayed), but in August 2020, some players will be able to get a chance to play it in early access stage and make a review about it for developers, you know, to improve the game.

That's all what I wanted to say now. See the video below:

Which game are you looking forward to? Let me know in the commets :)

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