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Welcome on my official website in section ABOUT. So let's talk about this website.

What exactly offering website right now?

- Downloadable content from my videos (specific pages are hidden from the menu, but available through links on my specific YouTube videos which is mostly game mods, graphic improvements mods and so on.)

- Blog posts including delays, updates, news about games

- Listen to music from YouTube channels: BNC Music & WG Music (will be changed soon)

- Many reviews of graphics cards including benchmark test videos

-- COMING IN 2022 --

- Website design improvement, including responsive design for smaller devices (Q2/Q3 2022)

- Games reviews, frequently updated game news (Q2 2022)

- Free music listening mostly for gamers (Q2/Q3 2022)

- Disabling pop-up ads and putting intead banner Google Ads (late 2022)

- and more :)

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