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4Story in 2019

Is it worth start playing 4Story in 2019? What is 4Story? You will find all of this informations here.
Is it worth playing 4Story in 2019? I will show you one hour of pure gameplay walkthrough of older game 4Story in the video below. 

Server: UK
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4Story, previously known as Gates of Andaron, is a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Iberia. 4Story features several warring factions vying for control over the land, and emphasizes questing as well as endgame PvP content.
4Story is a 3D MMORPG developed and published by Zemi Interactive that was released in 2008. Players can choose between three races: Human, Fairy and Werebeast. They can also choose between three nations: Derion, a kingdom of magical knights; Valorian, a military kingdom; and Gor, a neutral kingdom built by refugees of the war between Derion and Valorian. Visually speaking, 4Story was clearly inspired by World of Warcraft, but it isn't the first game to utilize the same art style. Other features include a mount system, very addicting PvP options, and more.
My review:
I still love this game because I was addicted to it when it was realeased in 2008, it was perfect experience playing it with my friends for few next years and now when I've tried it again I liked it. There are few more things added but as you can see it does not support well Windows 10 and 4K resolution - so the HUD was so small but OK for my big screen. It's worth trying to play it in 2019 in my opinion if you like MMORPG type games, and if you find some good friends to play together, you will not be disappointed, trust me. Leave a comment in the video below if you like 4Story or if you're playing it in 2019! I'm excited to see how many people can still play this in 2019. 😊
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